We all struggle with indoor air quality, especially in a humid place like Tampa. Not to freak you out, but there are likely tons of harmful particulates floating around your home, from mold to pet dander. If you’re not consistently working at it, you might have a hard time keeping your air clean and fresh. Many companies will tell you that changing your air filter can improve your indoor air quality, and while that is helpful, it should not be your only course of action.

Conventional air filters can only remove particulates 1 micron in size or larger, which comprise about 2-3% of the particulates in your air. That’s why we always recommend electronic air cleaners, which are up to 98% effective at filtering particulates. You can read more about filtration here, if you’re interested in that route. But what about those pesky smells that make your home feel less clean, even after you’ve scrubbed your countertops and mopped your floors?

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