tampa ac maintenance

If you think Florida’s weather is taxing, imagine how hard it is on your air conditioner! One day it’s pouring, and the next it’s 90 degrees. These weather fluctuations cause your Tampa AC system to work extra hard to keep your home cool, especially on those warm, summer days. That’s why it’s so important to invest in air conditioning maintenance– your AC system takes quite a beating in this harsh climate, and it deserves to be properly cared for!

Did you know that a neglected air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its efficiency each year if it’s not receiving maintenance? Your air conditioner is likely the most expensive yet most unprotected thing you own. Proper AC maintenance can help your air conditioning system last for decades and work efficiently throughout its lifetime. Read more about how Air Express can help you maintain your Tampa AC system with our maintenance memberships here! And if you’re already sold, click the button below to sign up! 

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tampa ac maintenance

Tampa AC Maintenance

Even if you purchased a high-efficiency AC system, like an inverter, failing to perform regular maintenance can detract from its performance. Regular air conditioning maintenance is far less costly than Tampa AC repair or AC replacement. By keeping your air conditioner operating efficiently, you will recover any money invested in upkeep through lower air conditioning repair costs, as well as savings on your monthly electric bill. We’re all sick of throwing money at TECO– invest in an air conditioning maintenance appointment instead, and save money in the long run. 


Tampa Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointments Include:

  • Check system for proper refrigerant charge
  • Check compressor and fan amps
  • Check/clean condenser coil
  • Check capacitors
  • Check contactor points
  • Brush out electrical cabinet
  • Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper fit
  • Check thermostat operation and mounting
  • Check blower amps
  • Check heat strip amps, circuit components, and safeties
  • Check/evaluate evaporator coil for buildup
  • Check blower wheel for buildup
  • Check all electrical connections and wires
  • Change/wash filter
  • Check temperature splits
  • Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
  • Clean drain line with pressurized CO2 to remove buildup
  • Put in condensate pan treatment tabs to prevent future buildup and clogs
  • Check float switch operation
  • Clean equipment exterior & return air grills
  • Check final performance and report necessary improvements

Don’t pay for cheap air conditioning maintenance, just to save a couple dollars. Some of our competitors won’t spend the necessary time reviewing all components of your Tampa AC system; as a benchmark, an AC maintenance appointment shouldn’t take less than 10 minutes! We guarantee to spend as much time as necessary with you, making sure that you are satisfied with your air conditioner and aware of any potential issues. We believe in providing quality service, and you’ll notice the premium touches we provide immediately.

Wondering how you, as the homeowner, can maintain your unit between visits? Click here for our blog post on preventative AC maintenance!