tampa ac check up

While going to the doctor isn’t always the most fun, we all know that annual check-ups are important. Your air conditioner is likely the most expensive yet unprotected item you own– so after you purchase your new Tampa AC system, it’s important to get it checked on every once in a while. We highly recommend our air conditioning maintenance membership to all of our customers, because it’s the best way to keep your AC system healthy for its entire lifetime. However, if you haven’t been investing in AC maintenance, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a check-up for your air conditioner. This tune-up is $69, and it allows one of our expert technicians to diagnose any issues your air conditioning system might be dealing with.


What does your Tampa air conditioning check-up include?

Your technician will perform some basic tests on your AC system and provide you with a report card on its overall health (just like in grade school!). If your air conditioning system requires additional repairs, your technician will tell you about any costs associated with those repairs BEFORE they are completed. We offer up-front pricing because we never want our customers to be surprised when it’s time for billing! While checking your Tampa air conditioner, your technician may also identify some energy efficient measures that could help you save money, as well as the rebate and loans available to help you pay for these improvements. This ensures that your air conditioning system will live a long and healthy life… even if you’ve forgotten about AC maintenance for the past couple years. 


Why get an AC check-up?

Over time, the performance of your heating and cooling system can be reduced by things like dirty coils and improper fan speeds. This can cause your air conditioning system to work harder to maintain cool temperatures, especially when it’s hot– and it’s pretty much hot in Tampa year-round! Want to conserve energy and save money? Invest in an air conditioning check-up!

We offer a $69 tune-up if you’re in need of a check-up but aren’t sure where to start. Read more about this exclusive promotion here. Air conditioning repair and maintenance in Tampa doesn’t have to break your budget– we want to create affordable solutions for our customers that keep them happy and comfortable!