ac maintenance

$69 Air Conditioning 20-Point Tune-up

Proper air conditioning maintenance has three benefits for homeowners in the Tampa area.

  1. Helps maintain maximum efficiency and therefore eliminates the 5% efficiency loss typically experienced each year.
  2. Helps keep your warranty valid as proper maintenance is usually a requirement of your units warranty.
  3. Prevents costly repairs or premature air conditioning replacement. At least 60% of air conditioning repairs could have been avoided with yearly air conditioning tune-ups.

We recommend our tune-ups to customers with air conditioners in good working condition. Maintenance is not offered in substitute of necessary repairs. If a technician arrives and determines that the system is in need of repair, additional costs may apply.

What’s Included in our $69 Tune-Up?

  1. Thermostat – clean, level, and calibrate
  2. Inspect and clean condenser
  3. Treat drain lines to prevent future buildup
  4. Check electrical connections are tight and without exposed wiring
  5. Inspect safety switches for proper operation
  6. Inspect filter and advise proper replacement schedule
  7. Units with accessible coils – inspect and clean
  8. Inspect fan blade for damage
  9. Check air duct system for efficiency
  10. Inspect fan motor and measure voltage and amperage
  11. Check refrigerant pressure and levels
  12. Lubricate all needed key systems
  13. Inspect bearings for wear and tear
  14. Temperature verification check at supply and return
  15. Verify safety switches work properly
  16. Inspect for burning or pitting on contact points
  17. Test/inspect capacitors
  18. Verify disconnect box installation and correct rating
  19. Check compressor wiring, amperage, and volt draw
  20. Check entire air conditioning cycle for correct operation