Heat and humidity are a given in Tampa, FL, but you don’t have anything to worry about when your home is kept cool and ventilated. Over time, you may not even notice the flow of fresh air through your home. This fresh and cool air is all thanks to the ductwork doing its job. While ductwork may last for many years, it will eventually need replacing. Here are some ways to know if you need new ductwork installed in your home.

Loud Noises or Banging

If it is a particularly warm day, you may find yourself turning on your air conditioning to cool off, but if you hear groaning, banging, or another loud noise, you may have an issue with your air ducts. Pressure could be building up when you turn on your air conditioning or heating, a sign that the ducts are expanding and contracting. This frustrating issue is can be taken care of with a replacement of the ducts.

Something Smells Bad

If there is a lingering stench of mold or mildew, there could be an issue with your ductwork. Moisture in the air might be sticking in the ducts, causing mold or mildew to grow in the ductwork. Aside from the nasty smell, this can be dangerous to breathe in and cause respiratory issues, headaches, and other health issues. If you smell something wet, mildew, or moldy, reach out to Air Express, LLC of Tampa to discuss having the air ducts in your ventilation system replaced as soon as possible.

Visibly Damaged Air Ducts

Looking at the ductwork in your home is something that people often overlook. However, it can easily tell you if you need to replace your ductwork sooner rather than later. If there are dents, holes, or other damage to the ducts, it may be best to have one of our professionals take a look and consider duct replacement. Damage to the ducts can lead to leakage and trouble with ventilation. This means overall higher utility bills because of the air not making it through the vents and dirty air bypassing filtration and entering your home.

Dirt and Debris Near the Vents

Dirty vents or obvious debris can mean the ventilation system is not filtering properly. The built-up dirt and debris may catch on the vents and stay there until you turn on the air again. At that time, the lasting debris will blow into your home. Polluted or unfiltered air entering your home can also cause respiratory issues or allergies.

Bad or Uneven Air Flow

You enter a room in the house, and it’s cold with the air conditioning blowing, but then you find the next room is still warm. The warmer room may have bad airflow. Issues with the ductwork in or leading to that room may stunt the airflow. This bad or uneven air flow can frustrate you and your family. Replacing the ductwork around your home can help make the air flow smoothly from room to room without being misdirected or leaking through damaged ducts.

Maybe It’s Just Time

Ductwork can typically last about 15 years in a home. This is quite a long time, but after this long, you may want to consider replacing the ductwork in your HVAC system. Imagine years of dirty air pushed and filtered through those vents. The old dirt and debris that might stick in those ducts can cause sneezing, coughing or illness, if not bigger issues down the road. You may also want to consider replacing the ductwork in your home if you are getting a new HVAC installation. Using old ductwork can push old dirt or debris into the new system, getting you started on the wrong foot. Brand new ductwork can mean starting with completely clean air in your new ventilation system, so you and your whole family can breathe with complete ease.

The professionals at Air Express, LLC are here to help you learn more about replacing and maintaining your ductwork without hassle. We are a premier company in the Tampa area and have been serving customers since 2010. From ductwork replacement to repair and maintenance, we’re here for you. We’re proud to also offer air conditioning and heating services as well as work on commercial systems. Be sure to ask about our stress-free AC program. Contact us today.

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