Depending on the placement of your ductwork, you might have one or more abnormally warm rooms in your home. No matter how low you set your thermostat, these rooms always remain just a little bit warmer– and in some cases, downright hot! This can be very frustrating for homeowners, especially if that warm room just so happens to be your bedroom. We all know that sleeping in a cold room is more comfortable, but it’s also been shown to improve your health and your sleep patterns.

For some homeowners, warm rooms indicate that you need to install new ductwork and vents, so cool air can circulate properly throughout your home. But this can be tricky, especially if the heat-load calculation for your home was not performed correctly. Let’s dive a little deeper into this problem, so we can show you how we fix warm rooms in Tampa Bay homes! Ready to book you first appointment with the World’s Smartest Technicians? Click the button below to schedule your free estimate!

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What Causes Warm Rooms

Air conditioners are simply that– a method of conditioning the air already inside your home. Air is taken in by your indoor system (AKA your air handler), which removes heat by running air over your evaporator coil. Your AC system then redistributes this cooler air throughout your home through your ductwork. However, your air conditioner can only provide air to areas with vents– so if a room doesn’t have a vent, it will be much more difficult to keep it cool.

You might notice that a warm room becomes warmer when the door is kept closed– that’s because, without a vent, that room is completely cut off from your AC system. And when temperatures rise in the afternoon, the air in that warm room just gets warmer and warmer… until the door opens again and cool air is able to circulate.

Ultimately, the only way to improve cooling in a warm room without a vent is to modify your existing ductwork or install a ductless mini-split in that room. But which solution is best for your home?

How To Fix Warm Rooms

Now that you know what’s causing your room to get hot, you might be wondering how to fix it. Depending on the size of your AC system and the age of your ductwork, you might want to lay new ductwork and add a vent in your warm room. However, this can only be done if the heat load calculation for your Tampa AC system was performed properly.

Before we install a new air conditioner for any prospective customer, we always perform a heat-load calculation. This takes into account much more than square footage– it also considers window size, ceiling height, age of the home, and more. This is the most accurate way to determine what tonnage (AKA size) you need for your new AC system. However, many air conditioning companies in Tampa do not perform these calculations, so your current system might be too big or too small. You can read more about how size affects your AC system here.

If your system is sized correctly, fixing a warm room is easy– or at least easier. All your AC company would have to do is lay new ductwork and add a vent into your warm room. Now, your air conditioner will be able to properly circulate cool air throughout your home! However, if your system isn’t big enough to handle the additional heat load brought on by this room, you must either replace it with a larger system or install a ductless mini split.

Tampa Ductless Mini-splits– And Why You Should Choose Air Express, LLC!

Ductless mini-splits are having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. They are the best way to fix warm rooms, because they effectively cool the room without driving up your energy bill. Plus, a ductless system enables you to keep that room colder than the rest of the house, which is GREAT for bedrooms inhabited by warm sleepers!

To put it simply, a ductless system is an air conditioning system without the ductwork. It works in one space to effectively cool the air within that space– so whether you’re adding one to a converted garage or a warm bedroom, your ductless system will do an amazing job of providing cool air. Further, it is a very high-tech system built with inverter technology, so it’s incredibly energy efficient. That means lower energy bills! Read more about inverters here.

We install ductless systems exclusively from Mitsubishi, and we are a Diamond Contractor for that brand. We are proud of this designation, as it shows our expertise with ductless systems, both in installation and in service. We are one of only a handful of Diamond Contractors in the state of Florida, so if you’re looking for a ductless mini split in Tampa Bay, we are the company to call! Schedule your estimate with us ONLINE by clicking the link below.

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