If you want to be on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry,
it’s time to consider installing your Tampa ductless mini-split.

Within the world of heating and cooling systems, ductless systems offer a variety of benefits that make them unique. Heat pump technology is used with ductless heating and cooling systems, meaning that during the summer, your system will remove heat from the air in your home and redistribute the cooled air throughout.

During the winter, the air from outside is used in the same way to warm homes. The refrigerant absorbs the air, the compressor compresses it, and then it is used to heat the air in the house.

However, unlike air source heat pumps, ductless mini splits do not use air ducts to distribute air throughout the home.

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Ductless Mini Split Replacements in Tampa, FL Individual, wall-mounted blowers are used instead. The blowers are controlled independently, with each one regulated by its own thermostat. Each outdoor unit, like those in a traditional system, can accommodate up to four blowers.

Tampa ductless mini-splits require professional services to function at peak performance and efficiency levels. Air Express, LLC offers comprehensive ductless services to customers throughout the Tampa, FL area.

We can do it all: ductless mini-split installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Call us today for more information about installing your Tampa ductless mini-split!

Why Go Ductless?

Ductless Mini Split Repairs in Tampa, FL

  1. Using a ductless system can help homeowners improve energy efficiency, as leaky ductwork is one of the major sources of energy loss.
  2. These systems are a great option for homeowners who lack space for bulky ductwork, or for those looking to avoid the hassle of duct installation.
  3. They also allow homeowners to set different temperatures in different areas of the house, as the blowers are controlled independently.


Air Express, LLC is an authority on Tampa ductless mini-split systems, and we have been trusted to install many ductless mini splits throughout Tampa, Temple Terrace, Davenport, and beyond. Further, we are considered a “diamond contractor” by Mitsubishi, our ductless partner. Diamond Contractors are recognized for their extensive experience installing Mitsubishi products, in addition to their outside training on the systems.

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We offer a number of special financing options for ductless systems, so call us today to set up your appointment!