You may want to consider ductless air conditioning in Tampa, FL, even if your home is already equipped with central AC. Perhaps you have an outbuilding or your attic space cooled. Maybe you added a room to your home, and installing a ductless air conditioning system can be a good alternative to extending the ductwork. If you’re building a brand-new home, and you want to avoid the hassle of ductwork from the start, you could virtually get whole-house cooling by connecting up to eight air handlers to the same compressor. Air Express, LLC can help you add or create your ductless system.

Mini-splits are heat pumps, so they can both heat and cool. The way they cool a room is simple: The air handler, which is the indoor unit, sucks heat out of the room it is mounted in, and the refrigerant carries that heat through pipes to the compressor outside, where the heat gets released. The air handler, refrigerant line, and compressor are what compose a mini-split AC system.