tampa ac career

We want you… to work for Air Express!

We’re always looking for qualified service technicians and installers to join our growing team. We are proud to offer a variety of incentives as well as excellent pay.

We encourage you to apply, even if you don’t have extensive experience in the industry. We believe that we can teach the skills, but we can’t teach character.

So if you’re driven and ready to hustle, please fill out the form below.


What Tampa AC Positions Are We Hiring For?

We’re currently looking for:


*Comfort Advisors

*Service Technicians

*Maintenance Technicians


Qualifications for All Positions

We hold our employees to high standards, because we believe in providing the best possible service to our customers. Whether you want to work as an installer or a service technician, we would like you to adhere to the following minimum qualifications:


*tobacco-free in the homes of our customers

*clear criminal background (no crimes of moral turpitude)

*clear driving record