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Stop wasting time on hold and start booking your Tampa air conditioning appointments online with the World’s Smartest Technicians! We offer smart booking through your computer or smartphone, so you don’t have to spend another minute talking on the phone.

No one enjoys having a broken air conditioner. That’s why we want to make your booking process faster, smarter, and easier! Simply pick a time slot above that works for you, and fill in the required fields on the next screen. We’ll then follow up with a text message to confirm your appointment, sent directly from our CRM.

The other worst part about scheduling home service appointments? Waiting for the technician to arrive. That’s why we send messages from our CRM when our technician is on the way! You’ll receive that message within your scheduled four-hour window, and it will allow you the time to make your way back home from wherever you are. No more waiting around at home, thanks to Air Express smart scheduling!

If the time slot you need isn’t available, or if you have other questions, send us a message by clicking the green P button at the bottom of your screen. We’ll respond ASAP to get you booked at your convenience!