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Why Your Energy Bill Doubled & How to Fix It

Warm weather has returned to Tampa with a vengeance. Many of us are turning on our AC systems again, which might have gotten a break during our short winter, and asking them to work at full capacity. If you recently noticed that your Tampa electric bill doubled (or tripled!), your air conditioner is likely to…


What To Expect During A Visit From Air Express!

It’s official– you’re one step closer to your new and improved air conditioning system. You’ve already researched Tampa air conditioning companies on Google, picked a few with good reviews, and scheduled estimates or service calls. Now it’s time to invite those companies into your home. First of all, if you’re looking to replace your system…


New Year, New AC System?

Is it time to upgrade your AC system in 2019? Most people don’t give much thought to their air conditioners when it comes time for home renovations. But if you are trying to bring your home into the 21st century with “smart home” upgrades, your Tampa AC system is a great place to start. Here…

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Get Your Tampa Home Holiday-Ready

Christmas time is here– which means it’s also time to get your home ready for the holiday season! Whether you have relatives visiting or not, there are a number of things you can do to make your home more comfortable AND energy-efficient this winter. All of our recommendations will make Christmas Day extra special for…


Why We’re The World’s Smartest Technicians

We’re known as the World’s Smartest Technicians throughout Tampa Bay. But what does that mean, especially for our customers? We’re the smartest because we’re committed to the pursuit of knowledge, both within the HVAC industry and in general. Put more simply, we are always learning. We believe in great service, and that begins with the knowledge…

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How To Lower Your Tampa Heating Costs During Winter

As the World’s Smartest Technicians, efficiency is extremely important to us. Our computer-based diagnostic tools allow us to work faster than our competitors, saving you time and money. We partner with Amana and Mitsubishi so we can install high-efficiency equipment like inverter AC systems and ductless mini split systems. These air conditioning systems can save…

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Why Does My AC Smell Like It’s Burning?

Winter is coming (dun dun dunnnnn), and that means that soon, you’ll be inundated with Christmas music in every Target, CVS, and Home Depot you enter. It also means that you’ll be relying on your Tampa heating system a lot more than normal. It’s been pretty cold this November, so we wouldn’t be surprised if…


Is Your Tampa Heating System Ready for Winter?

Florida isn’t known for its harsh winters. In fact, we’re known throughout the country for not experiencing seasons at all. But temperatures can (and will!) drop below 60 degrees, especially after Christmas. You might have prioritized your cooling system all summer, but now that winter is drawing near, it’s time to refocus your energy on…

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