Why Does My AC Smell Like It’s Burning?

Winter is coming (dun dun dunnnnn), and that means that soon, you’ll be inundated with Christmas music in every Target, CVS, and Home Depot you enter. It also means that you’ll be relying on your Tampa heating system a lot more than normal. It’s been pretty cold this November, so we wouldn’t be surprised if…

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Is Your Tampa Heating System Ready for Winter?

Florida isn’t known for its harsh winters. In fact, we’re known throughout the country for not experiencing seasons at all. But temperatures can (and will!) drop below 60 degrees, especially after Christmas. You might have prioritized your cooling system all summer, but now that winter is drawing near, it’s time to refocus your energy on…


Why Is My Tampa Air Conditioner So Noisy?

No matter our age, we’re all still a little afraid of things that go bump in the night. So why would you want your Tampa air conditioner to contribute to your nighttime noise problems? We often hear complaints from customers about how noisy their AC system is, especially while they’re trying to sleep. These customers…

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Let’s Talk About Filtration

Most people would never drink unfiltered water– so why do we allow ourselves to breathe unfiltered air? Indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors, and if we aren’t working to clean our indoor air, it can make us sick. This is especially true for kids and the elderly, as they are…

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Heat Pumps vs. AC Systems

Florida weather is notoriously tropical, no matter the season. However, we are drawing nearer to fall, which means that temperatures will soon drop to (gasp!) below 60 degrees. If you haven’t started thinking about the heating portion of your HVAC system, it might be time to check in on it. We always recommend a maintenance…

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Why You Should Sleep in a Cold Room

  Most people are pretty protective of their thermostats, especially when it’s bedtime. Some people like to sleep in the arctic tundra, and others prefer a more tropical vibe. But which is better, and why? Read on to find out the importance of sleeping in a cold room… and how Air Express can help! Did…


Why You Should Trust Air Express

Tampa, FL is saturated with air conditioning companies, all who claim to be “the best.” But we’ve all seen that scene from Elf, where Buddy makes Jovie drink the “world’s best cup of coffee,” only to discover that it’s just a subpar cup of New York coffee. You don’t want to choose a company for…

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