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As a leading Tampa air conditioning company, we see a wide range of homeowners every day. While some homeowners are meticulous about their air conditioners, we talk to many who have a very “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their Tampa AC systems. This can be effective if you have an air conditioning maintenance membership with a company like Air Express. But if you aren’t frequently having your AC system serviced, and you aren’t taking care of it in the interim, you’re preparing for failure. 

Since it’s almost Christmas (where did 2018 go???), we decided to write a little naughty list. If you’re on it, give Air Express a call! We offer $69 tune-ups for systems that need simple maintenance, as well as same-day service and flat-rate pricing for Tampa AC repair. Give your air conditioner a Christmas present this year, and it’ll keep you cool and comfortable all throughout 2019!

Our Tampa Air Conditioning Naughty List

  1. You haven’t changed your air filters. Like… ever. 

    This is probably the most common issue we see with Tampa air conditioning systems. People forget to change their filters, and then all of the sudden, their air conditioner is broken. If you neglect to change your air filter, your AC system struggles to create the airflow it so desperately needs. This forces your AC system to work harder to do its job, which can inevitably cause early deterioration of components within your system. So instead of paying for expensive replacement parts, we highly recommend one of two courses of action.
    Your best option is to install an electronic air cleaner. This filtration system is significantly more effective– think 98% effective! Traditional filters are only about 2-3% effective, and they become even less effective (and harmful) when you forget to change them. Electronic air cleaners are obviously great at cleaning your air, but they also require little to no maintenance. So you’ll never have to remember to change your filter again!!! Read more about electronic air cleaners here. 
    If you’re not interested in that route, read on for our next recommendation!

  2. Your AC system hasn’t been serviced since it was installed.

    Maintenance doesn’t seem all that important, but it can save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars throughout the life of your AC system. If you invest in continual maintenance, your air conditioner will require less repair, it will run more efficiently (saving you money on electric bills), and it will live longer. Overall, the cost of maintenance is minimal compared to the savings you’ll experience by keeping your Tampa air conditioning system healthy. If you forget to change your filters (see above) and/or would prefer to never think about your AC system again, a maintenance membership is the plan for you! You can read more about what occurs during an AC maintenance appointment here. You can also sign up here!

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  3. Your air conditioner makes a lot of noise, but you haven’t had time to get it checked out yet.

    Homeowners frequently complain about the noise their AC system makes, especially at night when they’re trying to sleep. We completely understand that you’re busy– but if your Tampa air conditioner is making a lot of noise, we believe it’s worth having a company come check it out. It could be something minimal that can be fixed through AC repair or maintenance. However, it could also be a sign that your AC system is deteriorating and needs to be replaced with a more efficient system. This is especially true if your current air conditioner is over 10 years old and is currently costing you major $$$ on your electric bills. We just wrote a blog post on noisy AC systems, so check it out here before deciding how to move forward! 

  4. You’re spending hundreds of dollars on your electric bills.

    Many Tampa homeowners throw money at TECO every month without even thinking about it. But if your electric bills are particularly high (and only seem to climb higher every month), your Tampa AC system might be the culprit. Inefficient air conditioners are one of the main reasons your energy bills are so high, especially if your AC system is over 10 years old. Newer AC systems are built to be more efficient, especially inverter AC systems– read more about inverters here. If you install an inverter, you can save 70% on your electric bills every month. That’s HUGE savings, especially when you can finance your new AC system! Read more about financing here. If you’re interested in reading more about replacing your Tampa air conditioning system, read about the benefits of AC replacement here!

  5. You’ve invested in extra blankets because you can’t rely on your heating system to keep you warm.

    Tampa residents know that our winters are particularly mild, especially compared to the frigid north. But we also experience our fair share of cold fronts, requiring us to turn on our Tampa heating systems. If your heating system is old or ineffective, you might have stopped turning it on altogether, settling for extra blankets and fuzzy socks. But wouldn’t you rather be comfortable in your home throughout the year? If you need Tampa heating repair, Air Express is the company to call. If you’re interested in replacing your outdated heater, read more about why we recommend heat pumps here!


tampa air conditioning christmas

We are your go-to Tampa air conditioning contractor, and we will help keep you comfortable this holiday season and throughout 2019! Make this Christmas a little more comfortable. Call Air Express for AC and heating repair, replacement, or maintenance services! 

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