noisy AC system

No matter our age, we’re all still a little afraid of things that go bump in the night. So why would you want your Tampa air conditioner to contribute to your nighttime noise problems? We often hear complaints from customers about how noisy their AC system is, especially while they’re trying to sleep. These customers suggest that the outdoor portion of their system should be moved away from their bedroom, so it can make noise somewhere less bothersome. However, if your Tampa air conditioning system is making any kind of noise at all, this is typically a sign that it’s time for a check-up. There might be a broken component causing it to bang, rattle, or hum, or it might just be old and inefficient. Either way, you should hire a Tampa air conditioning company to come and take a look at your system ASAP.

Why Is My Tampa Air Conditioner Making Noise?

All older AC systems make noise. Over time, your Tampa AC system becomes less efficient, causing it to work harder to cool your home. This inefficiency becomes evident when your electric bills start climbing higher and higher. But the inefficiency of your air conditioning system can also be heard through the noise it produces. Much like an old clunker car, your older air conditioner simply can’t work as effectively as it once did, especially after years of hard work in Florida. Plus, even if you got the most efficient system on the market 10 years ago, it is likely outdated now, especially compared to some of the high-tech systems we offer.

If your air conditioner is less than 10 years old, you might be dealing with an issue related to a specific component of your Tampa AC system. These issues can either be fixed through AC maintenance or AC repair, depending on the severity of the cause. If your Tampa air conditioning system hasn’t received maintenance in a while, you might be dealing with dirty coil fins, debris in/around the fan blades, or other related issues. During one of our maintenance visits, we’ll be sure to clean your entire system, both indoors and outdoors, to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently. This deep clean might be enough to fix that pesky noise problem! If so, you should probably sign up for a maintenance membership to ensure that your system stays clean for the years to come. Read more about our maintenance memberships (and sign up for one!) here.

However, something in your AC system might be broken, causing it to make a variety of noises. For example, if your air conditioning system is bubbling or gurgling, you could be dealing with a clogged drain line or a refrigerant leak. Or if your air conditioner is screeching when it turns on, you might need to replace your fan motor. Instead of spending hours Googling “why is my air conditioner making a loud noise,” we recommend you call a Tampa AC company ASAP. Your technician will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately, and after some repair work, you’ll be cool again in no time. We’ve all learned from spending too much time researching our symptoms on WebMD… so apply the same logic to your air conditioner and call an AC company now!


noisy AC system

How Can I Make My AC System Less Noisy?

The simple answer is to replace it. Noise is always an indicator of a larger issue, and if your system is over 10 years old, you’re better off installing a new, high-efficiency AC system. A new system is often so quiet that you can have a conversation at normal volume while standing right next to it. If you install an inverter, the most high-efficiency system on the market, you might even wonder if it’s on. Much like a Prius, which is notorious for making little to no noise during operation, inverters are incredibly quiet. Plus, they can save you 70% on your electric bills! Read more about inverter AC systems here. 

However, if your air conditioning system is fairly new and making some random noises, you should call one of our expert AC technicians for same-day AC repair service. We’ll spend time diagnosing the issue and then give you options for repair before completing the work. We also offer up-front pricing, so the price we quote is the price you pay– guaranteed!

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