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We get it– spending money on your Tampa air conditioner is never fun. This is especially true for homeowners who have recently replaced their AC systems. You already spent thousands on a new system, so why would you want to spend any more money for cool air?

Unfortunately, AC repairs are expensive, and if you want it done right by a reputable air conditioning company (especially one backed by guarantees), it’s going to be even more pricey.

However, there is a way to avoid expensive service calls, and we’re about to unveil the secret!

Save Money With Tampa AC Maintenance!

There is nothing glamorous or exciting about air conditioning maintenance. However, if you want to stop wasting money on service calls, AC maintenance is absolutely essential. That’s why we recommend joining our Air Express club membership program– it’s the best way to protect your system, no matter how old it is!

Plus, joining a club membership program has never been easier or more convenient. Simply click the button below, enter your information, and we’ll call or text you to get you enrolled.

How Will Tampa Air Conditioning Maintenance Help Your System?

Most air conditioners fail when they’re not being properly serviced. For example, whenever your drain line gets backed up with algae and other gross things, your system will stop blowing cool air. This is 100% preventable through regular AC maintenance. If you neglect to treat your drain line regularly, you’ll pay significantly more for a full cleaning, as different tools are needed to fix a severely impacted line.

rusty evaporator coil

The same is true for other aspects of your air conditioning system– without regular maintenance, components within your system will fail earlier and more severely than if they were being serviced twice a year. This is typically why people have to replace their evaporator coils before they replace their AC systems. Regular cleanings prevent your coil from degrading and springing a leak, which leads to your system shutting off! See above to see what a rusty coil looks like: not pretty!

Proper air conditioning maintenance will also keep your system running more efficiently. If you notice your energy bills spiking, or if you notice your AC system isn’t cooling as well as it once did, then you might be in need of maintenance. Simply changing your filter and keeping your air conditioner cleaner through maintenance will help it perform at maximum efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills each month and on costly repair calls down the road!

Why Choose Air Express for Maintenance?

We believe that AC maintenance is the most important thing a homeowner can do to protect their system and keep it running longer. However, we also understand how busy life gets, so we want to make maintenance as convenient as possible for all Tampa homeowners!

Our Air Express Maintenance Plan includes two preventative maintenance visits per year, as well as 20% off repairs, $19 service calls, 10% off indoor air quality products, and front-of-the-line service. If your AC system breaks down and you’re a part of our club membership program, we will see you in 24 hours, guaranteed. That’s incredibly important, especially during the hot summer months!

Plus, we now have the ability to manage club membership appointments through our CRM, so once you sign up, you never have to worry about your Tampa air conditioner again! We’ll call you when it’s time for your maintenance appointment, as well as when it’s time to renew. Other than that, you’re in the clear to go about your life without air conditioning anxiety!

Stop Worrying. Start Living! Sign up for our maintenance membership today.

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