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Is it time to upgrade your AC system in 2019? Most people don’t give much thought to their air conditioners when it comes time for home renovations. But if you are trying to bring your home into the 21st century with “smart home” upgrades, your Tampa AC system is a great place to start. Here at Air Express, we specialize in creating smart systems through the use of inverter air conditioning systems, WiFi thermostats with geofencing capabilities, and Google Homes. We want to help you make your home smarter, so you can save money and live more comfortably in 2019. You can read more about smart systems and what they entail here.

Throughout the month of January, we’re offering a couple of special incentives for new system installations. You could receive up to $1000 in manufacturer rebates and up to $800 in utility company rebates! With flexible financing options like 12 months same-as-cash, now is a great time to replace your system with Air Express. We’re also including connected thermostats and Google Homes with all installations, so we can make your home a little smarter. This is a $450 value!

But how can you tell when it’s time to replace your Tampa air conditioner? Read on to find out. And if you’re ready to schedule an estimate with us, click the button below!



When Is It Time To Replace Your Tampa Air Conditioner?

1) When you notice your electric bills climbing every month.

This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s one of the most important indicators. If your energy bills are climbing every month with no end in sight, it’s probably time to get a new air conditioner. Why? Your AC system becomes less efficient over time, especially when it’s being used frequently… and we all know that our Tampa air conditioners get quite a bit of use! As your system ages, it struggles to manage its typical work load, so it requires more energy to cycle on and off. This is even more true if your system isn’t receiving regular maintenance. Plus, older systems weren’t built under the same efficiency standards as modern systems, meaning that its SEER rating is likely quite low. Installing a new system ensures that it is up to date and much more energy-efficient, even if you go with a conventional air conditioner without any fancy bells and whistles. Read more about all of our systems here!

2) When that “bump in the night” is your air conditioner.

With loud ringtones, barking dogs, and snoring partners, it’s already hard enough to stay asleep at night. If your air conditioner is making noises loud enough to keep you awake, you should call your Tampa air conditioning company and schedule an appointment. It’s possible that you’re just in need of minor repair, which we can do for you during a same-day service call. However, those loud noises might also be indicators of a larger issue. If so, going for replacement over repair might end up being more cost-effective, especially considering the energy savings associated with new AC systems. Plus, your new air conditioner will be quiet enough to allow you to have a conversation at normal volume right beside it. Stop shouting over the sound of your AC system at outdoor dinner parties! Read more about noisy AC systems, and why we recommend replacement, here.

tampa air conditioner replacement

3) When your air conditioning system is just plain old.

Many people buy new homes, put money into fancy, aesthetically-pleasing renovations, and then live out the rest of their lives in those homes… completely forgetting about their air conditioners. This means that many people are also living with air conditioners that are over 10 years old. Not only are these systems inefficient and noisy, but they’re also prone to breakdowns which necessitate expensive repairs. You might have noticed recently that your old system just isn’t cooling the way it’s supposed to. We’ve all learned that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and the same is true for your Tampa air conditioning system. You can’t do much at the end of your system’s life to improve its cooling abilities. So instead of wasting money on repairs now, just to end up replacing your system next year, consider installing a new system today. Air Express offers a variety of flexible financing options, so you don’t have to break the bank on your new AC system. Your comfort is always our top priority, and we want to make your initial investment as affordable as possible!

4) When it’s time to sell your home.

Picture this: it’s finally time to sell your home. You put your house on the market, get pictures taken of your pristine, well-updated home, and schedule all sorts of showings with your realtor. Except… your house isn’t selling. If your air conditioner is old and inefficient, it could be detracting from your home’s selling potential. Many people are wary of homes that look nice but lack the structural updates that add to costs down the road. They probably know that they’ll just have to replace the AC system later, and they’ll end up spending a bunch of money on electric bills in the interim. What if, instead, you install a new system now at a good price, and tell your realtor to promote your low energy bills during the showings? This will show future buyers that they’re moving into a house that’s been well-taken care of, and not just well-decorated. You’ll also be able to get more money (more than what you spend on your AC system) when you sell! Sounds like a win-win to us.

5) When you want more flexibility in the way you cool your home. 

Ductless AC systems are one of the newest systems to come onto the market, and they’ve revolutionized the world of HVAC. In the old days (AKA 10 years ago), homeowners would have to install high-powered fans or pay extra on their energy bills if they wanted to keep their bedrooms cool. But now, you can install a ductless mini split with inverter technology in your bedroom! This enables you to keep that room cool, without spending more money every month or sacrificing the convenience of your conventional air conditioner. Ductless AC systems can be used to cool an entire home, but we think they work especially well when integrated into a traditional, ducted system. They enable you to have more flexibility in the way you cool your home, whether you want to provide more cooling to your bedroom or your garage-turned-home-gym. Interested in moving forward with a ductless mini split? Air Express is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, making us the best company to call if you’re looking for Tampa ductless systems. Read more here— and schedule your estimate today!

tampa air conditioner replacement

Even if 2019 isn’t the year you lose weight, find love, or land your dream job, it can be the year you install a new AC system and improve the comfort of your home. It might not sound flashy, but when you’re lounging around in your cool home this summer, sans sweat, you’ll be happy you made the decision to replace your air conditioner! Schedule your estimate with Air Express today. Need more proof that we’re the company you can trust? Read our 400+ reviews here! 

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